The Ash Exchange

Individually it's particles are light, but together they become heavy burdens filling our insides with darkness. As we receive His love, we're filled with his light exposing us to the image of God that was implanted in us. At that moment, our ashes are exchanged for the beauty God created within.


Photo by (c) Andrea Pa Photography

Photo by (c) Andrea Pa Photography


And they overcame and conquered him because of the blood of the Lamb and because of the word of their testimony, for they did not love their life and renounce their faith even when faced with death.

Revelations 12:11

Remember those days when you felt like you didn’t have anything worth saying? Those moments when you felt like opening your mouth would lead others to judge you? Well if you don’t, I will let you know that fear caused me to live in silence for years. Whether it was singing in choir or giving a speech for school, I was afraid to open my mouth. That fear was crippling and it certainly was not from God. Revelations 12:11 is a great reminder of how much power our voice really holds. We all have a story to tell and many times our lack of obedience delays the progress of someone who may be struggling with what we’ve overcome.

Having gained knowledge of how important it is for me to speak up, I was challenged in many ways to use my voice. Over the past few years, I was given the opportunity to use my voice to deliver a message that the Lord needed me to give. Because of this revelation, I am making myself available to be a voice.

This page will be used for you to view various videos and discussions I have related to what ever topic the Lord releases me to speak on. I am currently living overseas, but I am available for online speaking engagements and face-to-face speaking engagements during the summer. I’ve recently shared my testimony at youth conferences and retreats, as well as a recent book launch. I hope that the videos on this page challenge you to share your testimony and use your voice to speak up about any area God has created you to influence. For more information, contact me via email!