The Ash Exchange

Individually it's particles are light, but together they become heavy burdens filling our insides with darkness. As we receive His love, we're filled with his light exposing us to the image of God that was implanted in us. At that moment, our ashes are exchanged for the beauty God created within.


Making Education Great Again!

Any individual who has come into contact with me knows I have a desire to see education thrive again. There are many people who have made significant strides towards improving educational systems around the world. Having worked in education in America and abroad, I have been gifted to recognize a few things that may enhance education. This page is dedicated to sharing fresh ideas, strategies, and practical ways to improve various areas of education.

Photo by Kingdom Kidd Photography

Photo by Kingdom Kidd Photography

Biblical Literacy

Part of my academic journey involved me writing a dissertation related to one aspect of education. That area of interest involves Biblical literacy and the impact it had years before and the impact it has in education today. My dissertation is not the answer to every educational issue we see today, but it does bring awareness to the role of the Bible and literacy. For those interested, please click here.