The Ash Exchange

Individually it's particles are light, but together they become heavy burdens filling our insides with darkness. As we receive His love, we're filled with his light exposing us to the image of God that was implanted in us. At that moment, our ashes are exchanged for the beauty God created within.

Turbulent Flights and Safe Landings

Greetings Saints and Future Saints,

It has been quite a while since I’ve posted and much has changed. Today, I officially visited all 7 Emirates of the UAE. I’m sure I’ve broken some kind of expat record considering I’ve been here for such a short time. As some of you may know I have relocated to the United Arab Emirates. Although I hoped for a smooth transition, it was filled with much turbulence. In the past 4 months I’ve gone from being homeless staying in hotels, Airbnb, and sleeping on my friend’s couch, teaching basic level English to high school students in public schools, living off a credit card, to resigning and being hired by a private school to teach on-level English to middle school students, moving into a furnished apartment, and getting a consistent check to pay off that credit card. Despite all the storms, I’ve come to realize that I was redirected to simply be properly placed in Dubai.

There were many times I questioned whether or not I was in alignment with God’s will, but He definitely walked with me through every rocky moment. He reassured me with small victories. He used people far and near to be a blessing by providing prayers, insight, finances, shelter, food, and community. I would go into details, but let’s just say freedom of speech is definitely not as accepted here as it is back in America. So, I digress!

My journey to the UAE was very turbulent, but eventually I landed in a safe place. God made sure I was connected to the body and being here has really allowed me to appreciate the community established through the church. I visited a few churches, but we know God is intentional. I landed at Fellowship Dubai and I can honestly say it was not just for me to receive, but for me to pour out as well. I got plugged in pretty quickly by joining Equip classes. Next month, I’ll begin leading a small women’s group focused on discipleship and I’ll be joining the prayer team. Who knows I may even start back singing again?!?! At this point of my life, I just throw my hands up and say have your way Lord because I clearly have no control or knowledge of His plan for my life. All I know is that in the end I will prosper and live in abundance. Now, how that will happen is beyond me.

I am aware that the holidays are here and I personally will be doing what I love and serving at the church on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. I really just wanted to let my friends, family, associates, and followers know that all is well. I wish you all a Merry Christmas and I truly pray that everyone feels the love of God through simple acts of kindness wherever you are.

Be on the lookout because I have some great news to share after Christmas... and no it’s NOT me being boo’ed up, but keep that on your prayer list 😘! I love and miss you all!